Friday, September 19, 2008

What's with the name? What's this all about?

The name is an homage to my formative time in the wine business spent in New Orleans - aka, The Big Easy. The name doubles for the plain and clear discussions I have always been so proud of in my years in the wine business. I will not say I never stray into the bizarre, esoteric, 'what's the weirdest fruit you can think of to use as a descriptor' world, but I try to limit that as much as possible. Sometimes it's fun to get all geeky and cork-dorky and come up with descriptors until even wine geeks get a little overwhelmed; however, for most wine writers it's a mask for insecurity or just plain arrogance.
Not all of the wines discussed here will be big, nor will they always be easy, but there will be many to choose from and the writing should be clear and easy to understand.

Do we really need another wine blog? I'm not sure if the world at large does; I guess we'll find out. I know that I have many family and friends who value my opinion and I have sent occasional e-mails out but unless one has a need for a specific wine immediately, that e-mail is never around when you need it. So, here it is people. Mostly a blank canvas right now, this spot will soon have lots of useful (I hope) information to use when you want it. Need spanish wine, a great bargain Chardonnay, an explanation of what in the world Txacholi is all about? Eventually all of those answers plus lots of food and wine pairing advice will appear in this space.
As I am currently residing in Portland, Oregon my wine reviews will be based on wines in this market, although I will attempt to pass along wines that should be available in many markets.

I hope you enjoy the journey, I know I will.

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