Friday, April 1, 2011

No Post...well, almost

In an effort to avoid silly lines like, 'no foolin' I am posting nothing of value here today.  I will confess to having used that trite line in an earlier e-mail to family, sorry brothers and wives.  It seems like we need disclaimers on anything sent out on April 1st in order to verify the information is accurate.
I just got suckered by another blog, claiming scientists could predict the harvest for 2011 now. The concept is just weird enough to be true and since it focused on Bordeaux, the land of bizarre hype and insane futures sales, it appeared plausible.  Clearly the goal of the blogger.  I don't find much amusement in making people look like fools so I'll spare you.  Invest your energy elsewhere today, you may need to in order to fend off others acting like small children.  

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