Monday, May 9, 2011

New Orleans Wine and Food Experience

Now that Jazz Fest (or Feast, if you prefer) has passed, the next big event on my calendar, other than my daughter's birthday, occurs Memorial Day weekend. The New Orleans Wine and Food Experience runs from Tuesday, May 24th through Saturday, May 28th. The Grand Tastings generate the most excitement while the Royal Street Stroll generates the most drunks. That is a wine drinking, not a tasting. I find the weather more conducive to a porch, a rocking chair and a rum punch but attendees seem to enjoy.
The seminars often underwhelm, but one stands out. It also sold out. Titled, "Bubbly Personalities" the event will profile the house style of various Champagne producers. Brilliant! Too many people lump them all together. Even within the Brut category, sweetness levels vary dramatically.
Two seminars will serve as advertisements for glass manufacturers, but you get parting gifts so maybe it's worth it. Bizarrely enough, one of these events is a beer seminar.
Jordan will offer a Cabernet "retrospective" which I assume will include an assortment of older vintages. I would love to be proven wrong about this wine being overpriced and undernourished but with entry costing a c-note, I suppose I will have to rely on my previous, disappointing experiences.
A seminar from Badia A Coltibuono featuring wines and olive oils should be required for fans of traditional Tuscan wines. The estate is magnificent and the culinary program they run there helps make their on site restaurant a must visit if you're in the neighborhood.
I most want to attend the "Mountain High, Valley Low" offering. Despite the unfortunate, Frankenstein focus group name it purports to showcase Napa wines from the valley and higher up the mountains. With no names available for perusal, the $100 entry fee keeps my credit card in my pocket, but I love the idea.
Here's the entire list:
Stay tuned for more posts leading up to the event and some stories from past events...

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