Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dear Bordeaux,

Lest you mistakenly assume any shred of loyalty exists for your oenologic output based on my previous missive addressing your more elegant relation to the northeast, let me remind you of our previous breakup.  You proved easier to forget.  Our relationship lasted only a few years and was so long ago that the letter saying goodbye was delivered by fax; the words long past unreadable due to faded ink.  
A few years of impressive wines from the late '80s and 1990 pulled me in but then you offered less impressive offerings for many years while prices spiraled upwards.  I never could open my heart again to you after the vertigo induced by high tariffs and lackluster offerings.
Your desire to put forth an air of exclusivity while churning forth 850,000,000 bottles a year from your sprawling 290,000 acres [both numbers from Vine Talk] smacks of gauche, nouveau riche comportment despite your impressive lineage.  
Wealthy suitors bafflingly continue to chase your wines with the most status and pay exorbitant prices to own them.  When the Wine Spectator spoke of the '09 vintage and mentioned "solid values which in Pauillac means less than $50 per bottle," my resolve to ignore you only strengthened.  
I will not put up the false facade of dislike.  You retain the ability to enchant, beguile and infatuate.  The price you ask is simply too dear.  Like Burgundy, my desire remains true but my credit card stays home if I think we'll run into one another.  If I cross the street when you approach, you'll know why.

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