Thursday, September 29, 2011

Airport Amusement

I know, I know, those two words do not go together. Bemusement perhaps, but not amusement. It will get harder to believe before it gets easier.
While waiting for a delayed flight some of the employees had clearly gotten a bit punchy in addition to the passengers. I guess we really weren't passengers yet, but passengers-in-waiting but even worse than the Seinfeld restaurant episode.
This story also identifies how to tell when a particular variety of grape is all the rage.
One of the women paged in as throaty and sultry a voice as loudspeakers allow, "Passenger moscato, passenger moscato, please report to the desk at gate 31." Even frustrated would-be-travelers at least chortled.
From gate 30 came a tongue-in-cheek response, "Can you please get your mind right down there ma'am."
The rest of the night turned out to be purely dismal and ended with an overnight in Boston's Logan airport followed by a three hour van ride to our actual destination city.
Passenger moscato was noticeably absent.

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