Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, New Mission

As my time away from the wine industry reaches more than a year I find myself missing certain aspects of my previous world.  Most notably, teaching.  Leading wait staff training sessions and conducting events for consumers made me happy and I miss the opportunity to educate, entertain and enlighten.  My resolution, only slightly self-serving, is to focus on a grape or region for a few posts each month.  Other rants and amusements will continue but I hope to offer some information to better help frame the world of wine in addition to that.  
I still plan to offer tasting notes from time to time but wine has to be about what you like, not what I like.  There are plenty of other places to read what Joe Blogger thinks is the next great grape or best buy.  
People told me they enjoyed tasting and talking with me mostly because I spoke clearly, explained well and made them feel comfortable.  If I could have spent more time doing that and less of my life stocking shelves for lazy chain retailers and chasing down checks from slow payers I might still be in the business.  
Look forward to some explorations and explanations of wine that you will be able to reference again and again.  The focus will be on lesser known or misunderstood grapes and regions.  Most people hardly need a primer on California cabernet sauvignon but maybe I'll get there eventually.  
The Mayans believed the world would end in 2012, wouldn't you hate to miss some good stuff if it's true?  If you don't buy into that and turn out to be right, then you will have more knowledge, and perhaps even inspiration, for further exploration beyond the Mayans wildest predictions.

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