Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Attendee Notes Part Two

For specifics of the tasting and explanations of presentation formats, please see the previous post Attendee Notes Part One.
Yalumba Shiraz/Viognier 'Y' Series, South Australia 2006 - The closest vote of the night, no one abstained and comments explained the neck and neck results.  "Very similar," "really pretty even," and "slight preference" for the screwcap.  Another found appeal in both, with a "better nose" on the screwcap and a "better taste" from the cork bottle.  An echo of predilection for the aroma of the screwcapped wine found it "less musty" with "more fruit."
Votes 4-3 in favor of the cork finish.
d'Arenberg d'Arry's Original Shiraz/Grenache, McLaren Vale 2004 - We find more close calls despite a more decisive vote.  "These are also close," and "can't decide," finally leaned to the screwcap.  One found a "slight preference" for the screwcap and another loved the wines but could hardly tell the difference.  One did not enjoy the wine very much at all, expressing, for both, the appearance of an "unfortunate nose."
Votes 5-2 for the screwcap.
Jim Barry Lodge Hill Shiraz, Clare Valley 2005 - Everyone pretty much agreed that this was their favorite of the night.  Again, I saw "very close" from two tasters and even an amusing, "[screw] you, they're identical. Delicious though, thanks."  With one abstention, this was hardly a landslide.
Votes 4-2, one abstention, in favor of the screwcap.
Jim Barry Cover Drive Cabernet Sauvignon, South Australia 2005 - By this point my family found the exercise a bit overwhelming.  Not so much drinking the wine, but remaining focused and trying to differentiate between the pairs.  Notes became less specific but more amusing.  "Measurably different, but not vast," was the most detailed.  The final one I'll share brought the widest grin, "I'm not smart enough to tell the difference."  This unfortunate sentiment deserves to be addressed again and again, but that's another series of posts.
Votes 6-0, one abstention, for the screwcap.
I will summarize my thoughts in the final post for this fascinating tasting and tease a reprise tasting in New Orleans.

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