Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cork vs. Screwcap Wrap Up

It was clear to me which closure provided the superior wine and the votes from my family echoed that sentiment, although with less decisiveness.  Admittedly, I knew the wines and which was which so my judgement could not be entirely unbiased.
My biggest concern about screwcaps has always been that they might preserve a wine rather than allow it to mature "properly."  For most wine drinkers that is an irrelevant consideration but I am an unrepentant wine geek and love to experiment.  As the wines continue to age I will revisit them periodically and see how they evolve and develop.
For immediate and short-term consumption, there can be no debate - the screwcap is superior. Environmental issues of recycling screwcaps versus the sustainable cork tree aside, I want my wines sealed with screwcaps because the wine stays fresh and vibrant, the bottle is easy to open (and close) and you know it will be okay to serve.
The next round of this fun tasting will likely take place in the late summer or early fall and I hope to involve wine professionals this time around.  I have enough wine to do this two or three more times depending on the number of people involved, so let me know if you want in...

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