Monday, June 11, 2012

More Indiana Wine

My fascination with Indiana wines continues, albeit with this exploration involving a mere two wines from one winery.  A friend and I headed to French Lick and got distracted along the way by an important stop at a casino to retrieve a free bottle of champagne and further delayed by milkshakes along the way.  Since we arrived later than planned, we only caught the French Lick Winery on the way out of town.  They serve a decent array of food there and that took priority.  Two glasses of wine served as the only exploration that day since we were late heading to Churchill Downs to bet on the races.  I hope for another trip based on the resort , the wine and the companionship.
Chambourcin 2009 - The wine sprung from the glass with spice and pretty red fruits, displaying its obvious charms for anyone interested.  Lively and bright, this little gem reminded me of playful, sunny afternoons.  With a little cajoling my friend, tongue-in-cheek, said it reminded her of "lollipops and hula hoops" but that worked for me.  It would make a perfect picnic wine and could easily be served in warmer weather with a slight chill.  My chicken salad made a lovely match.
Norton 2007 - This grape deserves much more attention than it receives.  Examples such as this one could help put it into the spotlight.  No rough edges marred the seamless flow of this surprisingly weighty wine from my lips to the lingering finish.  Oak is noticeable here but only as a flavoring accent.  Perhaps the age helped, but I applaud the deft touch.  Roasted meats, red sauces and mushroom dishes happily await the arrival of this wine to make a great match.
I regret not tasting through more of the wines but horse racing beckoned.  I know for next time...

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