Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bordeaux and British Royalty

With all of the attention paid to the Queen's Jubilee recently something clicked for me about the similarity of the Royal Family and First Growth Bordeaux.  While publications remain fixated on both groups they have become essentially irrelevant to nearly everyone.  Image dominates and except for photo-ops and elite tastings most of us would never know they existed.
A certain amount of in-breeding appears reasonable to assume and both groups lead such refined lives they can not possibly have even the slightest grasp on the reality of either shopping at a grocery store nor knowing about the wines on the shelves.
The people behind the top chateaux dress in finery and their wineries are not open to the public.  Mingling with the riff-raff suits neither.  I know no one with First Growth bordeaux on their table regularly and I know no one who has met a member of the Royals.  Having tasted more than a few First Growths in my days I can state unequivocally that once the awe wears off they are not much more than another bottle of wine.
Meeting interesting people with good stories to tell provides much more entertainment for me than being able to brag about meeting famous people.  Similarly, finding amazing bottles of wine for little money provides much more pleasure than buying status in a bottle.
That being said, if the Queen is coming over for a glass of Chateau me.

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