Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Independence Day

I will resist the urge to write about zinfandel, the American success story.  I will even resist proselytizing about the terrific, and overlooked, norton grape.  (Although I promise to pay attention to this wine in the future.  I have two bottles from Missouri I've been waiting to open).
No recommendations for beach whites or reds to match with hamburgers will grace this page this year.  Plenty of other people offer these already.  What I will do is remind you that July 4th is Independence Day!
Celebrate our independence by shopping with a local merchant for your wine.  No better time exists to break the chains of chain stores and spend some money that stays local.  Go actually talk with someone about the wine you want.  Buy a label you don't know from a winery that is not part of some huge conglomerate.  Try something different, don't just follow the crowd.  Be independent.
This post appears in time to act!  Stop buying wines from merchants that can't help you except to point out where the wine is.  Buy from someone who tastes the wines before offering them for sale.  Support your independent wine merchant, I predict you'll be happy you did.
I will be enjoying my freedom and will not have a post on the 4th.


  1. As Bonnie said to Clyd to your "I have two bottles [Norton]from Missouri I've been waiting to open", ~ you done good. Recently we opened a 2003 and 2004 Robller Norton with the 2004 bringing out the most smiles from guests. Chandler Hill's 2005 'Savage' Norton has rounded out nicely. Georgia's Three Sisters 2004 Cynthiana (Norton)is spot on at this time. We are going to give our 2007 Crane Creek's (GA) Hellbender Norton case two more years. And the list continues. Buying locally is hard for us, but we have found some nice Georgia examples within a couple hours drive from our location. I wished we had more excuses to travel through Virginia's wine regions. Well at least the 2013 Magnolia Society meeting will be held in St. Louis next spring and we'll have all sorts of excuses to restock on our Missouri holdings. Do you have Norton wine suggestions?

  2. My favorite, both as a wine and as a name is Horton's Norton from Virginia. Stone Hill, the aforementioned Missouri examples, impressed me enough to buy two bottles. One current release at the time and one library selection. That report will be coming relatively soon. Just need the excuse...
    My exploration of Norton is much too young, but I intend to continue focusing on local options when I travel. Promise to pass along impressions, stay tuned.