Sunday, December 30, 2012

Preposterous Pundit Pontifications for 2012 Part One

These reviews were actually published in 2011 by Wine Spectator but I found some notes the other day and it seemed appropriate to share them.  I remain amazed by the choices some critics make when they describe wines.  More amazing sometimes is the score associated with the words.
A wine described as "reticent in aroma" and as having "a stiff chorus of tannins" nonetheless rated 91 points.  At $66 I expect something better than those words imply.
88 points is not quite so impressive, but listen to this description: "medicinal herb notes...lacks a bit of focus with a lean, dry finish."  Oh, and MSRP is $48!
"Assertive, sandpaper tannins," does not signify a 92 point wine to me, especially if I just spent $80.  Likewise, "gritty tannins" seems like a serious flaw to me, especially at $45 and $55, but Wine Spectator rated two wines 92 points with that characteristic.
Bestowing 91 points on a $44 dollar beauty, JL raved that it possessed "a touch of mulch and celery."  My palate and wallet revolted at the concept of "notes of campfire and patchouli" for $42, despite a 93 point score.
Tomorrow another bit of amusement, courtesy of wine writers, to wrap up the year.

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