Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pasanella & Son

I have been quiet here lately.  Superbowl sandwiched between two weekends of Mardi Gras festivities will tend to do that : little time or inclination, less reading and not much in the way of great wine consumed.
My brother and his wife finally got out of their previous lease and moved into a new place in Jersey City recently and it reminded me of the Sandy disaster that seems so long ago to those of us not surrounded by the continuing struggle.  I was also reminded that I never wrote about my visit.
I was in New York City shortly after the storm devastated the area for a birthday weekend and decided to make a trip to South Street Seaport to support Pasanella & Son.  Having recently read Marco's entertaining book, Uncorked (look for a review here soon), and seeing that their website announced being open for business despite suffering extensive flooding, by brother and I headed out on an adventure.
The area was indeed a mess, complete with moldy smells all too reminiscent of Katrina for me, but Pasanella was indeed open.  They seemed surprised to have visitors though and were only offering the three wines they make in Italy.  Although I was a bit disappointed to not be able to wander the shelves and explore, I bought one of each and they encouraged a return in a few days when they expected to be fully operational.  
All the wines are organic and sourced from Maremma in Tuscany.  Here are my reviews:
The Bianca was a 2011 made from 100% vermentino.  Citrus, floral notes with an almost lemon curd feel but crisper and lighter than that implies.  It was tactile, juicy and featured an impression of sweetness due to mouthwatering acidity.  Impressive, I would buy lots of this!
Rosato 2011 displayed strawberry and was a bit simple on the palate but with blazing acidity.  I found it nearly too much and I love acid in wines.  This only meant an adjustment: don't drink this at the pool, drink this with food.  We had steak that night and it paired brilliantly.
Rosso 2010 is 100% sangiovese and had loads of the dry cherry style expected, but so rarely delivered at a reasonable price! Medium weight, cherry middle and dry but not tough.  Hallelujah!
For just under $120/case these wines are a steal.  The Rosato appears to be sold out but the others are in stock and available. Pasanella wines (I have not tried the sparkling wine yet)
Thanks to Pasanella & Son, can't wait to visit under normal conditions...although now you will have a harder time talking me out of your "house wine."

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