Friday, June 28, 2013

Thomas Family Winery Chambourcin 2011

I picked up this bottle at Vintage Indiana earlier this month, being quite pleased with the light, Beaujolais style wine at the event.  We liked a few other wines from the winery and were very happy with our energetic and engaging pourer.  A visit with the winemaker came later and I agree with his approach to holding the zinfandel back a few years (2009 is the current release) even if I didn't love the wine itself.
But, the chambourcin spoke to me and I bought some.  With friends over for some pool time I decided to open this up and see what they thought - both are currently in the wine business.  The wine showed some bright fruit and hints of the earthiness I expect from the grape but with less intensity than some others.  Overall it was inelegant but eminently drinkable and went well with some sausage I had later.  The wine is a bit disjointed and funkier than I remember but a decent drink.  A good summer red for a slight chill and meat from the grill.
Thomas Family Winery  $15.99

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