Monday, June 3, 2013

Wine Tasting = Cow Patties?

There was a blog post written claiming wine tasting is bullshit. It is an old argument with plenty of valid points and some evidence to back it up.  Go read the article by Robert T. Gonzalez and see for yourself. However, he loses track of the real issue here while he's busy ranting and proving how stupid and gullible we all are when it comes to elusive topics like what wine tastes like.  Tasting wine and trying to pin it to a point score IS bullshit, tasting and talking about it is not. A good response to the original post is found here.
The point of a good wine critic is to taste, describe and offer words to help readers decide if they want to invest in that bottle.  It is subjective, that's part of the fun!  Evaluating a living thing and scoring it based on a few seconds of contact is useless and impossible.
I agree with Mr. Gonzalez when he says "Drink what tastes good/whatever you can afford."  But somewhere in that selection process there must be a moment of relying on the taste of someone else to guide you, why not make a connection with a reviewer or local merchant and increase your odds of finding an enjoyable bottle?  Otherwise you're label shopping or buying on point scores.
At some point you have no choice but to rely on wine tasting to decide what to buy because your taste, however flawed it may be, is the final word on what tastes good to you.

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