Friday, July 19, 2013

Quick, Easy Burgundy Guide

Burgundy is a challenging region to understand but it can also be very rewarding.  While I lament the prices, it is still a region worth investigating if you have the money.  Even with no budget constraints - call me(!) if that description fits your situation - some basic groundwork is imperative.  Pitfalls of lazy producers and a confusing array of different producers that share a family name create a maze that can, literally, leave a bad taste in one's mouth.
Hilarie Larson recently posted a digestible overview that is accurate and well laid out.  Being the completist I am, I would add loads more information but then it would intimidate rather than invite.  Kudos to her for the words and the maps, this is a good place to start.
A Simple Guide to Burgundy
[One small note: in the Chablis section, Kimmeridgian is misspelled]

I will keep looking for more information to offer as complete a picture as possible for more Burgundian exploration.

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