Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Fantastic Surprise!

I wrote recently about drinking wine when you want instead of saving it for special occasions. Sure, wine ages, but sometimes when you finally decide the moment is right, the treasured wine is past its prime.
Champagne and sparkling wines that provided entertained but no longer fit their original fresh, bubbly category prodded me to revisit this all too frequent theme in the wine world.  However, one night later we opened a random little German sparkler I bought on closeout for $10 more than a half a decade ago.
As you can see, it is a 1999 vintage sparkling riesling!  I know nothing about the producer only that I found three bottles after Katrina while spending time with family in Summit, NJ.  I thought $10 was a potential steal for a vintage dry (sekt) riesling.  I guess I left a bottle behind and boy am I glad I did!
This was the best surprise of the sparkling wine exploration in Maine.  The color was still bright and the nose had some fresh, lemony citrus notes.  It was delicious and amazingly fresh and alive! I could not stop raving in my notes...tart and fantastic!
We still tend to save things too long but sometimes Bacchus rewards, rather than punishes, that covetousness.

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