Tuesday, August 6, 2013

No Time Like The Present

On a recent lobster night in Maine someone said, "It sure would be nice to have some bubbly tonight, too bad we don't have any."  My father immediately replied, "We have lots of Champagne but no one ever drinks it."  No one ever drinks it because it is out of sight and not in the cooler.  Once the all clear was given, we chilled some down and started opening our new found bounty.
Wine one was Louis Roederer Brut 1990.  Yes, 1990.
Unfortunately, tired, not very exciting.  Still drinkable but not very good with lobster.  It was too nutty and oxidized to pair well.
Wine number two was a Veuve Cliquot "Yellow" Label from a much more recent event.  It was delicious, especially in comparison.
Next came a wedding wine, Roederer Estate - still tasty, but past its prime.
The next night we opened what we knew would be questionable, a Ruinart magnum from 1969 (my brother's birth year).
The cork was black, the wine brown and no longer sparkling.  It actually might have been well served as an inexpensive amontillado sherry but it bore zero resemblance to Champagne.  We have planned to open that wine for more than a decade.
Last night our exploration continued with three more bottles: Larmandier Blanc de Blancs, Gruet Blanc de Noirs (both from weddings) and a Biltmore Estate Brut (no point in letting that age any longer). The Larmandier was fresher than the Roederer 1990 but tired.  The Biltmore was badly corked and the Gruet was quite lovely.
We still have another Veuve Cliquot and another 1990 Roederer, fingers crossed but no held breath.
The moral of this story is one I have written before: don't wait for special occasions to open treasured bottles, make an ordinary event special by sharing something lovely...while it actually is!
Nights with family may be enough already but add this(!) and it becomes an event.

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