Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fancy, Lazy Wine Pairings (and a Lazy Post)

Saw this Mental Floss post and loved it(!), especially the first pairing. It brought me back to a lazy day post-Katrina when I was working my way through my extensive wine collection that sat in the sweltering heat for much too long after the storm passed but the Army Corpse of Engineers' levees gave way.
I was sitting in a friend's house that was on the market since mine was uninhabitable at the time and she and her then-husband had left town, never to return. College football was on and I was exhausted from working and trying to rehab my house. As I recall, Penn State was playing - before the Sandusky ugliness had surfaced - and I didn't feel like cooking. I had a bag of Cheetos and decided a bottle Brunello might make a good match. It was magical. Beyond the more than serviceable pairing, it was a rare moment of relaxation and (mostly) happiness in a  tumultuous time. The wine held up better than many others in my "cellar" had and I felt as normal as I had in months. Wish the producer's name was still in my head but many details from that slice of my life are fuzzy, jumbled or just plain gone.
The first lazy person pairing in this recent post rang true and I bet the others might for you. Check them out:
Lazy Wine Pairings from Mental Floss
Anyone have more to offer?

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