Monday, April 7, 2014

Rapid Chiller...but for Sparkling Wine?

Enviro-Cool in the UK has developed a rapid chiller called V-Tex. They describe it as a reverse microwave and it looks impressive. The big pitch seems to be for retail outlets so customers can chill their beverages and the retailer can save huge amounts of energy. This would be accomplished by eliminating all, or most, of the coolers, especially the open ones that also chill inefficiently. The video that starts when you land on the page lasts maybe two minutes and the demo taking place for cooling a can is impressive. Apparently this contraption also is capable of sanitizing the can during the chilling process before it reached your lips.
It all looks great until you reach the tail end of the video on the home page and the personal sized option is shown with a wine bottle, specifically a sparkling wine bottle. To be even more specific I think it might be etoile from Domaine Chandon, but that detail is not the important part.
Pay close attention after the woman selects the wine bottle option. She then gets a choice of size (how cool is that!?!?) and then we get a shot of the cooling process. The bottle is being vigorously spun and and vibrated. There is no way that is good for anything carbonated. Guess there's still work to do...I look forward to their tweaks and final product.
For now the best method remains to get a wine bucket (or similar receptacle) add ice and water (about 60/40 or 70/30 respectively) and wait about five or six minutes. People tell me salted water will make this process even faster but I've never bothered. I have more patience than Homer Simpson.

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