Thursday, December 4, 2014

Craft Wine: The Phrase is New, the Concept is Not

This is a buzz phrase being thrown around in wine articles a lot lately. Perhaps this tells us more about lazy journalism than a new trend. The craze surrounding craft beer made, and continues to make, sense because it changed a paradigm. Expanding selection beyond industrial options deservedly drew attention. The same tectonic shift is not available in the wine world.
Shelves, even in chain grocery stores, have held small production, hand-crafted wines for decades. Mass produced, corporate juice is the newer arrival. Giant marketing budgets and formulaic wines create backlash and I guess that's what's happening here but mostly this seems to be about millenials finding wines made by other millenials. Maybe there's a new trend there and maybe that needs a name. Perhaps Swillenial Wine?
The bottom line is that I wholeheartedly support the attention being paid to small producers, of any age, but if anyone thinks "craft wine" is a new thing they're not paying attention.

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