Friday, August 7, 2015

Riedel: Plenty of Glasses, Not Enough Humor

One of my favorite wine writers is the HoseMaster of Wine. Skewering all comers with puns and fantastic plays on words, he has great insight into the world of wine and amuses me regularly. Satire and sarcasm drip from his virtual pen and no sane person would confuse these posts with actual reporting. A guest post on Tim Atkin's site poking fun of Georg Riedel and his company's insane devotion to specificity and diversity in the glassware they produce. Apparently, Mr. Riedel did not find the post funny and his legal team has delivered a threatening note to HoseMaster. How you can't find humor in someone poking fun at you when you produce 20 different cabernet/Bordeaux glasses and sell single stems for more than $150, is completely beyond me.
I have spent my time around wine helping people relax and enjoy wine while Riedel has expanded their selection exponentially, adding a level of pomposity that wine does not need. Add in the price and their propensity to shatter and it's easy to see why I no longer buy the glasses. Drink out of a tumbler, or a jelly glass or even straight out of the bottle but you don't need a varietally specific glass to enjoy the variety. Everyone likes a fine glass now and again but you can find similar products from other companies for much less money than Riedel.
I've often wondered if a serious glare would break Riedel glasses but now I wonder if a loud laugh might...Apparently they're safe in Georg's house since he seems to lack a sense of humor.